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QHS Science Fair

Take a look at our latest project.

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Stand Out, Stand Apart

Your website should be a unique, tailored tool of your company, not just another quack.

Get An Idea

Take a look at our portfolio. iDesign has provided web solutions from simple internet presences to complex development platforms.

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The Client Site

Our new client site deals with some old and some new services and features used by our clients, such as: profiles, invoicing, quotes, support, and newsletters.

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Battle For The Net

Find out more about the fight to preserve Net Neutrality, to keep the Internet open for all. Don't let Big Cable win!

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Let's Get Started!

Affordable Services, Premium Results. Find out how you can improve your business with iDesign Consulting.

Simple Complexity

Not an oxymoron, but a design philosophy. iDesign strives to provide complex features with simple client management. Making use of the iDesignCo CMS, a custom built Content Management System for iDesign clients, and WordPress, we provide the features, without the difficulty.

Image a website you can manage daily updates on your own, simply typing out the content you want, styling with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, and submitting the changes.


Design Process

We don’t believe in barriers between you and us. It is your website we’re building.

You can be involved in your project and know where you stand. Who said you couldn’t?

Here is our process…

Services Provider

iDesign provides many services that can help your personal site, business, or organization grow.

With services like Web Design, Print Design, SEO, Social Media, and more, you can consolidate your needs with iDesign.

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