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Facebook Browser Shortcuts

Looking to quickly navigate Facebook without having to click everywhere?
Good thing you came to this post!

Facebook has a useful set of keyboard shortcuts (think CTRL-C to copy, ALT-F4 to close, etc) that can help you navigate quickly through the different pages you check often, as well as some that you don’t.

How to Use:

  • Google Chrome: Alt + #
  • Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
  • Internet Explorer: Alt + #, Enter
  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Option + #
  • Firefox: Ctrl + #
  • Safari: Ctrl + Option + #
The numbers must be pressed from the number row at the top of the keyboard, not the number pad to the right. Also, you don’t need to shift for the ‘?’, just hit the key it is on for that shortcut.


1 home
brings you back to your facebook homepage (newsfeed)

2 timeline/profile
loads your timeline/profile

3 friends
loads the Facebook friends tools (find friends, people you may know, etc)

4 messages
loads your messages

5 notifications
loads your notifications

6 general account settings
loads your general account settings

7 privacy settings
loads your privacy settings

8 Facebook’s Facebook page
brings you to the Facebook Facebook page (

9 legal terms
loads the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsiblities

0 help center
loads the help center (note: only 8,9,0 work when in help center)

? search
brings typing cursor to the search box (just type after this shortcut and hit enter to search)

m new message
loads the new message dialog

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