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inSite » QHS Science Fair

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This past week we’ve been playing around with parallax design, where items scroll at different speeds on a page. Which gives a different viewing experience, and can create some pretty amazing effects. We ended up building a brand new website for the QHS Science Fair to utilize these new tools and test ourselves. The old site was a quick, one-page …

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inSite » Aerial Skyvertising, Inc.

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Over the past month we’ve been working on a website rebuild for Aerial Skyvertising, Inc. Their former website was quite old and outdated, and we turned it into a sleek and modern webpage with some tricks up its sleeves. The site is fully responsive (go ahead, re-size your browser window when visiting the page) built with PHP, HTML, jQuery, CSS3, …

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Top 12 Usability Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Have you ever been on a website that you find difficult to use? Below we’ve posted a list of the top twelve most common usability mistakes made in website design. Source: Paul Steinbrueck

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Internet Explorer 7 Tax

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The team over at Kogan implemented the world’s first “Internet Explorer 7 Tax” earlier today. The 6.8% tax goes into effect today (June 13th) on any and all products purchased from the online store while using the Internet Explorer 7. Unlike Internet Explorer 6, which passed away back in 2010, IE7 is still around haunting web designers everywhere. The …

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iDesign Shirts

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Help us get the word out, and get a free iDesign Consulting T-Shirt. Pass iDesign on to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Send us your shirt size and a link to the proof, and you’ll have a free tshirt, with a giant iD on it. We’ll make it easy for you, just look down the page a bit …

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Comic Sans Font

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Take care in choosing your friends, take even more care in choosing your fonts.

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