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As a result of the market downturn, brands have drastically cut their marketing budgets including advertising, custom events, PR and staffing. This in turn creates less visibility, less networking, less relationship building, and overall less resources – at a time when they need to reach the consumer the most.

By creating an online digital trade network where each participant exclusively trades their goods and services, for ones they want or need from another member, we can then replace their creative budgets and begin to strengthen the brand through b2b negotiations.

The Trade Room™ was created and developed by K4 Digital Relations. K4 has specialized in strategic Public Relations, Marketing, Business Development and Partnerships since 1997.

In this ever-changing media landscape, when traditional media outlets are struggling for survival, K4 believes in harnessing the power of the internet to carve out your individual brand identity, connect and network with clients, form valuable partnerships with like-minded businesses and “just trade for it”.

iDesign Consulting provides bugfixes and feature additions to the design and framework that K4 Digital Relations brought with them from their developer.

innovative. inspired. ideal.