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Testimonial Plugin

iDesign - MSMW - Testimonial Submission Plugin

MSMW Platform - Front End Testimonial (Custom Post Type) Submission Form. Use [testimonial-form] on the page to either display the testimonial submission form, or buttons to login/register if the user is not logged in.


  • Shortcode to display Testimonial Form
  • Only displayed to Logged in users
  • Styled for MySiteMyWay WordPress Themes
  • Random Success and Error Form Messages
  • Auto fills user's name
  • Auto fills user's website (if any)
  • Displays Number Pending in WP-Admin (like plugin updates)
  • Automatic Update Notification (just like WordPress.org Plugins!)

ONLY WORKS on MySiteMyWay Themes

  1. Download zip
  2. Upload to WordPress
  3. Activate Plugin
  4. Insert [testimonial-form] Shortcode on Pages desired
  5. Empty Any Caching


  • Edits to match new iDesign domain


  • Miscellaneous bugfixes


  • Removed extraneous debugging code


  • Updater runs more frequently


  • JSON Meta Updated


  • Update notification added
  • Update installation added


  • Login Requirement Added
  • Login-Register Buttons Added for Logged-Out Users
  • Success and Error Messages Added
  • Show number pending in WP-Admin (in sidebar and dashboard)


  • Shortcode [testimonial-form] Added
  • Testimonial Form Added
  • Styled with MSMW Form Styles


  • Plugin Built

No screenshots yet. Please check back later or send us yours.

Planned Additions

  • Pick Testimonial Category (if any)
  • Notification Email to Site Admin
  • Options Page to disable/enable features
  • Utilize Ajax/JQuery Submission (like MSMW contact forms)
Plugin Information

Version 0.8

  • Updated: Aug 18, 2013
  • Requires: WordPress v3.3
  • Tested Up To: WordPress v3.6
  • This Plugin is: Free

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