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Plugin Spotlight: Google Analytics for WordPress

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This June our Plugin Spotlight is Joost de Valk‘s Google Analytics for WordPress.

Joost’s plugin allows for a seamless integration of Google’s powerful website analysis tool with your WordPress powered site. Whether its as a blog, CMS, portfolio, or more, this plugin provides great insight to your site.

Google Analytics for WordPress is the most complete Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Of course, you could just copy the tracking code into your theme and be done with it, but then you’d miss a whole lot of features that this plugin has to offer you. All the extra data this plugin can add to your tracking is what makes Google Analytics for WordPress into the most powerful tracking tool you’ve ever seen.

Asynchronous tracking

First of all, this new version 4.0 switches to the new asynchronous tracking method. This new tracking was also the reason it took a while to get this version out the door: there were quite a few bugs to work out; tracking by the beta was not reliable for a while.

What’s the advantage of the new tracking you ask? Why bother switching? Well, there are three reasons, as listed by the Google Analytics blog:

  • Faster load times for your web pages due to improved browser execution of the tracking code.
  • Enhanced data collection & accuracy.
  • Elimination of tracking errors from dependencies when the JavaScript hasn’t fully loaded.

The short version: a normal script blocks other objects on your page, like images, from being loaded until it has been fully loaded. An asynchronous script allows for those other objects to be downloaded at the same time.

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