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Questions & Answers – July 23rd

Q And A 7 23 13

Hello! and welcome to what shall be our first official Questions & Answers session.

One thing that we notice all the time is just how many questions people can have about their website, some small and others large. Sometimes these questions have a simple answer that just eludes you or your Google searches. Other times the answer is more complex. But don’t worry, starting at 1pm EST July 23rd, we’ll be holding a Q&A session for several hours, and feel free to ask us anything at all. Be it questions about getting a website, changing/updating your website, coding problems, bugs, hosting issues, and so on.

How to submit your question.

We’ll be accepting questions from any means you prefer.
Submit questions via:

and we’ll reply in kind. If you’d prefer your question remain private, please submit a ticket or email. We’ll be posting any questions and answers (with your permission) publicly on our site if we receive numerous similar questions or find it to be a rather useful topic.

So join us and ask away!

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