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Location, Location, Location

Prime retail locations can make a business successful all on its on. The ability to gain customers from people walking by your shop is easy and straightforward, and those walking by are made aware of your product without much action required on your part. But the price associated with these locations can force a small business to look elsewhere. But a business located away from high traffic areas should never let that discourage them from advertising.

In today’s world building familiarity with your target market can be as simple as putting an ad on Facebook, or placing signage in busy areas. Getting your name out there is the first step. A simple and professional way to accomplish this is with a custom lawn sign. Cost effective and eye-catching, these signs bring a small business into the frequented places for just the price of the sign itself. Lawn signs should always be as simple as possible. Unlike business cards, emails, flyers, etc, lawn signs are viewed by people driving by with little time to focus and read the fine print. So in most cases, a simple sign with the information upfront and in a big font is the best choice.

For service based businesses that often have locations all over town(s), a lawn sign can be a highly effective tool. Get your customers approval to place a lawn sign on their property after you finish the job, you can even reward them for this (small discount, coupon, etc). This allows you to advertise directly to your target market. If one house uses a landscaping company and the neighbors like the results, they are more likely to hire you because they see your sign. Always be sure to include a phone number and/or website on the signs so customers can contact you or find out more information.

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