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Generating Content – Get A Head Start

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The Content Problem

A common problem to launching a website (personal, business, organization, etc) is generating the content to be placed onto the site. You take pride in what you do, and that carries over to your website. But what started out as an easy task, something to be done without a problem, turns into an unattainable summit. A few pages finished, you start being plagued by grammatical errors, or things start sounding wrong when you read them. Don’t worry, this is natural. It happens to most people writing content for the internet. Most people who create internet content produce a lot of well-structured sentences every day. Unfortunately, those sentences sometimes only come out in conversation. When it’s time to record thoughts for a site page, blog, a wiki entry, advertising copy, or other web content, the sentences don’t feel right.

Be Prepared

Even if you are still looking for a web design firm, getting a head start on your content is your most effective tool to have a site up in your time frame. The easiest way for you to control the delays of building your site, is to have everything ready for your design firm. With the use of website tools such as WordPress, the thematic design of a site is faster and easier than ever before, placing a quicker demand for ready-to-go content. This means that instead of weeks to write your content, it could be only days before we’re sending out an email asking for more content to put up. Save yourself the stress of generating content quickly or facing a delay in your site launch, by being prepared and having some content ready to go when you start discussions with your design firm.

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4 Easy Steps


Have a plan.
Set up a schedule or goal to create a certain number of entries (pages, posts, ads, images, etc) a day. Any content you have already prepared, makes your life easier when crunch-time comes around.


Never force the content.
If you get stuck on a page, move onto another and come back when you’ve had time to think about it. Flowing content at your normal pace, always reads better than words forced onto the page.


Always have editable files.
Don’t get stuck recreating images because you need to change a word but only have the JPG. An extra file might save you an hour of work, and 2 hours of stress down the road.


Back up your content.
Do so on a regular basis, in multiple locations. The last thing you need is to lose your hard work from a computer problem. Email copies to yourself, burn discs, or use flash drives.

When the Time Comes

When you do eventually start the process with a design firm, always double check the format they prefer to receive content in. In the event you used a different format, unless it means days of work, convert your content over and review it in the new format before you pass it along. This allows the site developers to work more efficiently, and saves you from conversion errors. Always remember to get a copy of the finished site &/or databases when it goes live, just to be on the safe side.

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