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‘The Mac Essentials Bundle’ Deal

The Mac Essentials Bundle

9 Elite Mac Apps, for $50! Deal Over
Ended March 4th


If you were waffling about picking up this bundle, you should know you have nine more days to make up your mind before it expires.

Software bundles are a great way to pick up some nice new apps at a huge discount, but you’ll rarely find a bundle where every app is vetted and worth your time. This bundle is different because it’s Lifehacker approved. StackSocial is offering nine Mac apps for only $50.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • TextExpander 4, the most fully-featured text expansion app for Mac (and a great way to save yourself hours of typing every day).
  • TechTool Pro 6, an app that provides disc utilities, diagnostics, and repair.
  • Path Finder 6, our favorite alternative file browser for the Mac.
  • MacHider, an extremely simple way to password protect files and folders.
  • Dropzone 2, a basic file sharing utility with tons of fantastic shortcuts.
  • AirServer, which lets your Mac receive AirPlay signals.
  • CameraBag 2, filters, editing and organization for digital photographs.
  • MacPilot 5, gives terminal settings an easy-to-use GUI.
  • IPNetMonitorX, a suite of tools for monitoring and diagnosing network problems.

They like every app on this list, especially the text expansion app TextExpander 4, which normally costs $35. They also really like Path Finder 6 and Dropzone 2 for better OS X navigation. In fact, the entire bundle is pretty solid, and it’s a bargain at $50 (heck, Path Finder alone is usually $40). Hit up StackSocial if you’re interested. The bundle is available until March 4th.

Source: Kif Leswing | Lifehacker

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