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Cross-Browser Compatibility Check

BrowseEmAll Standard

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As a web developer, you know that a site that's perfectly designed for one browser is very likely going to look terrible in another browser. That's why cross-browser testing is a critical component for web development, but the act of launching multiple browsers to test your site can be tedious. That's why today's discount software promotion, BrowseEmAll Standard, is going to revolutionize the way that you develop for the web!

BrowseEmAll Standard lets you reach cross-browser compatibility faster than ever before, with no deployment to a webserver necessary. That's right - BrowseEmAll Standard runs locally on your machine, letting you test your site across all of the latest versions of all of the major browsers! You'll have the ability to test DOM and CSS styles, Flash plug-in performance, and more, receiving useful and comprehensive cross-browser reports to guide your development.

How many browsers does BrowseEmAll Standard test? How about 21, including multiple versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera!
– Derek Lee

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