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September 10, 2014: The Internet Slowdown


Notice the loading banner? Today, September 10th is the Internet Slowdown. You’ll probably see the same banner or modal popups on many of your favorite sites today, symbolic loading spinner of what the internet could look like without net neutrality. Don’t worry, the internet isn’t actually being slowed down today. But it could be in the future. Just because some …

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Questions & Answers – July 23rd

Q And A 7 23 13

Hello! and welcome to what shall be our first official Questions & Answers session. One thing that we notice all the time is just how many questions people can have about their website, some small and others large. Sometimes these questions have a simple answer that just eludes you or your Google searches. Other times the answer is more complex. …

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The Client Site

Idesign Client Site Screenshot

We are settling in here at our new home, and getting ready to really start implementing the new power our site has. I’d just like to take a moment to share a little more information on our new What’s Moved to the Client Site? All of these features, some from our old site and others new with this site, will …

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The New Website

Idesign Site Screenshot

Over the past few months, we have been working on our new site (technically sites). This has been something we’ve been talking about amongst ourselves for the months leading up to the first move, and we look forward to the changes, additions, enhancements, and improvements. While visually similar to our current location, this new site will feature: all hosted on …

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Promote & Win! July 2011

Promote Win July11

What’s Going On? We’ve picked July 2011 to really start reaching out to the public. To do this, we’re asking for your help. Promote iDesign by any (ethical) means you possess, and through the entire month of July, anyone you successfully refer to iDesign gives you a chance to win. Like and Suggest our Facebook Page. Follow and Mention our …

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