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Let’s Get to Know You

The first step of our process begins with the most important part, you. Before a single draft is created, our goal is to learn as much about you as possible. Is this a business website? Educational? Non-profit? If you have an existing site, what do you like about it; what do you want to change? We do not just want to build you a website; we want to build you an internet platform that launches you to further heights.

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How Does It Look?

Before any code is written, we first send you a series of prototype images of the design(s) we have for your site. This is the first time your site is seen, and we look for your opinions before moving forward. In our experience, changes are easier to make at this point in the process than further down the road. Because of this, we look to get as much refining and revision completed in this second step of our process as possible.

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Assemble the Frame

Once we’ve gone as far as images can take us, we move to a coded draft of your site. This coded draft is viewable within your browser, and provides a preview of the interactive capability of your design. This third step is another moment for any last minute changes missed in the second step. Once the draft is agreed upon, the site goes into development.

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Turn the Engine On

In this fourth step the draft is made into your actual website, on the platform you chose (WordPress or HTML). In this step we fully implement the features of your website. Based on the information from our discover step, we develop the structure your site will take on to be most effective for you.

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Handing Over the Keys

The final step in our process is the delivery of the site. Once you have signed off on the developed site, we will migrate your site to your own hosting plan. After migrating, we perform a check over the entire site to ascertain that all is working as promised. At this point, your site is yours to do with as you please, you can exert the amount of control over it that you wish, but we’re always happy to help out if you prefer.

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innovative. inspired. ideal.